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Passionate, artistic, and classical art is endlessly appealing. The galleries are a wonderful indicator of personal limits. Content that is sexually explicit such as playboy, maxim, penthouse, sports illustrated, hustler is outside personal limits. Any content that requires the inner labia or vulva showing will not be agreed to. When in doubt, simply ask.

Escorts are paid to eat with clients, models are paid to deliver poses, emotions, and art into photography. To retain this distinction all food & drink ingested at a shoot will be provided or paid for by me.

Cancellation Policy

Work starts the second the shoot is booked. Looking at your style, practicing poses to best suit your images, mood and theme, and of course putting aside that time in travel to shoot with you. Hence when a shoot is sadly canceled the amount of work done should be respected.

  • After Confirmation: Half the total Cost of the Shoot

  • Less than 7 Days before the Shoot- Payment due in full

Model Release


If you don't have a model release no problem! We can use mine. We will each sign and keep a copy of the release. It gives the photographer full copyrights except to images that are past my limits, we can either use my release or add my addendum to your release. I do require a photo ID no matter what release we use.


Non-negotiable, USD rates, when traveling overseas rates may vary due to the market.

       USD Rates:

  • 2 hours $250

  • 3 hours $375

  • 4 hours $500

  • 6 hours $750

  • 8 hours $1000


The above rates are before tips, which are always welcomed but never expected.

TFP is only with photographers that have paid numerous times throughout the years as a way to thank them.

Artists that don't use digital photography as their medium are welcome to inquire about different rates.

Other Considerations

Urban Nudes- please consider the risks before picking a location; the minute we are discovered/seen it is time to pack up and shoot elsewhere

Temperatures- shoots in environments that may be harsh on the body require special posing and warming time consideration.

Working time includes but is not limited to; any time being body painted, makeup changes or corrections, bathroom breaks (for longer days), travel time from one location to another, time warming up or wrapping up after being seen nude, light changes, set changes, and wardrobe changes.

Please inform me of everyone that will be present and give me their contact information

I ask that you just be considerate and respectful of me and my body-- we'll all get along and have a great shoot that way!

Makeup Artists: I have a PABA allergy, my kit includes hypoallergenic makeup if needed.

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